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Having completed hundreds of commercial projects throughout the past twenty years, they are truly one of our specialties. Our professionals have experience in a wide variety of commercial construction, so we are ready to meet your needs! Whether you’re building a supermarket, hotel, or restaurant, our portfolio speaks for itself!

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Our portfolio of healthcare construction consists of health departments, hospitals, medical centers, imaging centers and much more. Each facility was constructed with special care, focusing on a quality driven approach for these facilities which serve hundreds of patients across the region each day.

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Our experience in government construction extends across a wide range of projects consisting of fire stations, courthouses, military facilities, memorials, libraries, transportation facilities, and more. We have consistently performed high quality government work, on time and within budget, while abiding all government regulations.

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Most of our education projects were completed while the facilities were completely occupied, educating hundreds of students each day. We have consistently relied on our experience and precision to ensure the projects were completed on time without disrupting the education of the students. Take a look at our portfolio to see the dozens of amazing education projects we’ve completed throughout Kentucky and Indiana.

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